Saturday, July 15, 2006

Recent Events

The recent events that are now making the news bring to mind Yogi Berra's famous quote" It's deja vu all over again!" In 1982 the same criminal terrorists, backed by the same criminal terrorist regime, that kidnapped Americans in Tehran, started to stir up the hornets nest of Israel.

The Israelis, like today, needed to defend themselves from unwanted aggression against their people. Israel decided that if Lebanon would not, or could not, get these radical Islamists out of Lebanon, then Israel would have to do it.

The PLO , Hezbollah, and others, backed by the Iranians, Syrians, and others, rocketed the Israeli border towns on a daily basis. The tanks rolled, the warplanes flew, and the next thing the World knew was, Israel was taking over Lebanon.

The hand wringing began. "Oh my God, how could they? The Jews are expanding their empire!" the Worlds Press spoke, demanding Israel stop and withdraw from Southern Lebanon. Enter the United States.

Poor Arafat was trapped in Beirut and about to be taken by the Israelis. "Save Him!" the World cried. "Don't let him fall into the evil hands of the Israelis" The pressure mounted what would the U.S. do?

Ronald Reagan sent in the Marines. In August the Marines escorted the criminal Arafat out of Lebanon. Case closed. Marines, pack up .

Hold it, calm down, I hear something in Southern Lebanon, what's that?

Some Christian Militia have slaughtered some Shia's? Say it aint so! We can't have that, send in the Marines!
Well, the rest is history, but does history record the thanks the Marines got for saving the criminal Arafat? No. The thanks we received was the largest non nuclear explosion to date. A truck loaded with explosives driven by a madman, trained and financed by the Shia Hezbollah regime of Iran. The truck was gladly donated by Syria.

Now some 23 years later the same thing is happening. Hezbollah has become a parasite on Lebanon, sucking the blood of the Country as they struggle to regain the Lebanon of old. Just as Lebanon was coming out of it's coma, the parasite Hezbollah, strikes it down.

The U.S. has been here before. Now, it will be different. Now, we have seen the fanatic as what he really is. September 11th will not be forgotten. Unfortunately, the 23rd of October 1983 was, and we did not learn from it.

This time around lets wake up and realize that we can't save Lebanon from itself. The only people that can save Lebanon are the true Lebanese and they are in short supply

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