Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thirteen Nights in Paris

Well, it seems the French have reaped what they have sowed. Being a Colonial Power, France had many possessions through the world Algeria, Lebanon, French Indo China just to name a few, but the socialist agenda that they have fostered many years ago in Algeria and Lebanon have now come home to roost.

Lebanon, with its many Arab factions was always favored by the French. Beirut was considered the "Paris of the Middle East". As soon as French Influence left the country, it was turned over to it's Islamic Fanatics, and France never looked back. A token French force was sent in 1982 to assist Arafat in leaving the Port of Beirut, but the French knew that drawing the Americans into their former problem would be good for France and good for business.

Now as the streets of Paris burn with Muslim fires, the French have finally declared a curfew. The question is, is it too late for France?

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