Tuesday, November 08, 2005

We are not alone!

Hizballah in San Francisco

Inspired by this entry at Aaron Weisburd's anti-jihad site Internet Haganáh -- describing how Web sites for the Islamic terror organization Hizballah were being hosted in San Francisco -- I decided to personally investigate the company that was doing the hosting, ServePath, on Spear Street south of Market.

The night before, local television station KPIX had broadcast a short segment about Aaron and his efforts. I didn't see the broadcast, but the online transcript had only this to say about ServePath's response: "While ServePath declined an on camera interview, a representative said they'd passed Weisburd's concerns on to federal authorities, and don't typically take action against a site without a court order or request from authorities." [Update: ServePath has now taken down the Hizballah sites they were hosting, due to pressure from the public. I'm leaving this page online as a permanent record of the event.]

To me, that sounded pretty inadequate as a reply, especially considering that the following day Aaron had discovered that yet another Islamic jihadi site was recently accepted by ServePath as well.

So I headed down to ServePath myself to see what kind of company this was exactly. Were they terrorist sympathizers?

The company, it turned out, was housed in a massive business center with an imposing façade.

There was no evidence of ServePath's presence -- much less their corporate personality -- aside from their name in the window.

Momentarily casting aside my prudence and sanity, I decided to go inside and ask the owners myself how they could justify giving aid and services to a violent group that has been officially branded as a terror organization.

As soon as I stepped through the heavy doors, however, my camera attracted attention. The security guard bolted upright and immediately became very perturbed at my presence.

Before my foolhardy venture escalated into an international incident, I regained my sanity and decided that a hasty retreat was in order.

So my abortive investigation came to an anti-climactic denouement. But it was better than a night in jail.

My only conclusion is that ServePath, instead of being terror sympathizers, are merely amoral capitalists who will take money from anyone, no matter how evil, if it makes them a profit.

If you want to join the effort to close down the terrorist Web sites hosted in San Francisco, can you contact ServePath by going to this page. [Update: so many people contacted ServePath that they did indeed close down the terrorist sites that they had been hosting. Mission accomplished.]

Thanks go to for their efforts to flush out these scum.!

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